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It’s 1988 this time! I’m not as familiar with the music from this period but I’ll try my best to keep this list updated and correct. It’s amazing that a lot of the music that has been introduced through the show remains popular to this day. I’ve always liked listening to The Zoo and Deulgukhwa. I look forward to finding out new songs and seeing these boys and girls come of age.

Episode 1

To you (그대에게) by Shin Hae-chul (신해철)
奔向未來日子 (분향미래일자) by Leslie Cheung (장국영)
Like the birds (새들처럼) by Byeon Jin-seop (변진섭)
Hand in hand by Koreana
Flying the deep night sky (깊은 밤을 날아서) by Lee Moon-se (이문세)
Korea by 少女隊
Damdadi (담다디) by Lee Sang-eun (이상은)
I want to cry (울고 싶어라) by Love and Peace (사랑과 평화)
From the land of morning (아침의 나라에서) by Kim Yeon-ja (김연자)
Don’t you worry (걱정 말아요 그대) by Lee Juck…

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