Q&A: Week 11

It has come to the last week. The challenge was to mix an adjective of our own choice (I picked Tsundere – the act of a person who’s cold outside warm inside) + Sports style + New Wave style. I picked out some of my favourites to show in here.


Q&A : Week 10

This time I come up with the mixture of High Modern style and Tactile. Had a good time making these guys here

Q&A : Week 6

It’s Olympics 2018! We tried the Sports style this week. With vibrant colours, motion and movement of people in various dynamic acts, we figured how to answer stuff in a way close to that of the Olympians as much as possible. Surprisingly hard for a style that’s very obvious in elements and wide spread in everyday life.

I never really liked watching nor doing sports of any kind. I do watch sports dramas (for the sake of my favourite Japanese actor anyway, not the sports itself).

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วิชาโฆษณา ทำพริ้นต์แอดให้น้ำตาลมิตรผลเพื่อสื่อสารแนวคิด น้ำตาลทำให้คนมีความสุข

ด้วยความเป็นมิตรผลเราเลยอยากดึงคอนเทกซ์ของเทศกาลไทยมาใช้ จริงๆ แล้วแคมเปญนี้เราทำเป็นสามเทศกาลคือวาเลนไทน์ พืชมงคล และเชงเม้ง แต่รู้สึกว่าอันเชงเม้งเวิร์กที่สุดเลยขอลงแค่อันเดียวก็แล้วกัน ฮิๆ

ขออนุญาตอากง ทวด และลุงทวดไว้ ณ ที่นี้ ไม่มีเจตนาลบหลู่แต่อย่างใดค่ะ


Q&A : Week 5

On this week we accepted the challenge to mimic the 80’s New Wave graphic style. I was surprised at the class’s overall outcome. (At least I thought) we all did exceptionally well this week, perhaps we’ve always been the type to use silly elements with no obvious reason nor function. These are my collection but one day I’d love to show my friends’ version to you too.

Q&A : Week 3

In a sad mood tonight but I got a lot of work done at least. This week the challenge is to answer a little more personal stuff like views on romantic relationship and how things are at home with ‘High Modern’ graphic school. I was given the example works of Max Bill, El Lissitzky, Kazimir Malevich and Josef Muller Brock to form a rough idea what ‘High Modern’ is. Notice the use of only primary colours, light cream and grayish black.

High Modern is not exactly Minimalism. As you can see my work is far from being minimal. I enjoyed making them greatly, it also didn’t consume so much time as it did last week with craft and tactile. I personally love several pieces myself and was quite proud!

Q&A : Week 2

Questions about personal and more abstract qualities, answered in craft and tactile. I had so much fun with the task this week. Luckily I have so many kinds of materials to choose from. Lucky I have always been making useless craft! 8)